Nationwide’s Innovative Business Plan And Improved Resources

Nationwide Title Clearing provides titles and other post clearing documents to top firms in various industries such as finance, investment, and real estate. In September 2016, the company’s chairman John Hillman announced that they had increased their research network to 4000 in a count. NTC’s new services include a two and a half a day turnaround time upon request of research. They provide services to customers all across the United States at low costs. NTC introduced a simplified pricing plan and vendor rating systems that depend on the quality of the research and the turnaround time of the project. John Hillman stated that NTC’s Tier 3 research system, in-house staff, and modern technology, provide clients with reliable research solutions and better responses to clientele concerns.



John Hillman appeared on the business-oriented podcast, Brand Focus to explain how NTC chooses its compliance policies. Brand Focus features firms to showcase how they select their B2B partners. John Hillman acknowledged that most people pay more to ensure that they adhere to compliance standards. He explained that despite the high among required, it is necessary to standardize the rules so that they meet the set pricing. John believes that investing in compliance without overspending is crucial to maintaining the profitability of business. According to the CEO, NTC only requires customers to pay the necessary compliance fees without any extra charges. NTC perceives its customers as partners instead of vendors and has perfected success through the methodology.



In November 2016, NTC announced the winner of the 2016 luxury vacation award for the best associate. The trip included two flight tickets to Florida with a return ticket using the Southwest Airlines and a night at a famed four-star hotel, the Sandpearl Resort, and Spa. The winner stated that he and his wife were looking forward to spending the holiday enjoying the generous gift from NTC. NTC received an award for the 5th time from the Top 100 Workplace by Tampa Bay Times. John Hillman stated that leading a company that attracts employees who wish to renew their contracts with the firm is a blessing. He added to say that he is happy to work in a company that ensures its clients feel welcomed, satisfied and satisfied with their working environment and benefits. The CEO of Workplace Dynamics believes that NTC’s win was a solid proof of the strong solidarity among its staff and high health conditions around the workplace.




Prestigious Lifetime Achievements Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy currently works at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as the executive vice president. Meanwhile, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) have awarded Mr. Ivy with the coveted Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. In fact, Robert Ivy is the first architect to receive this award, which recognizes art patrons and artists in Mississippi for supporting, creating, and performing art exceptionally. Artist Walter Anderson, actor Morgan Freeman, and writer Eudora Welty are some of the past honorees of the Polk Award.

No one matches Robert Ivy in Mississippi when it comes to communicating the values of architecture to the public. Mr. Ivy features in an acclaimed list of honorees of the Noel Polk Award for his achievements as an architect, commentator, and writer. Moreover, Ivy’s efforts as a practicing architect, editor, author, and the CEO of AIA since 2011 has made him a worthy ambassador of the architecture profession. The Noel Polk Award came as an honor for his professional and personal achievements as a Mississippi native.

Robert Ivy has influenced AIA and expanded its global presence since taking over as the CEO in 2011. In fact, AIA is currently at its highest membership level since its establishment 160 years ago. Moreover, Mr. Ivy also expects an official acknowledgment during an event scheduled on 2nd June.

About Robert Ivy

Robert rose to the rank of the editor in chief of Architectural Record in 1996. Under his tenure, Ivy worked hard to make Architectural Record the most read architectural journal in the world. Over time, Ivy moved to McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the Editorial Director and Vice President. Under his tenure as the editor in chief, Architectural Record was honored with numerous publishing awards for its excellence. They include the American Society of Magazine Award, the premier magazine journalism award as well as the National Magazine Award, which is a rare achievement for an architectural journal.

In 2009, the American Business Media awarded Mr. Ivy with the Crain Award, which is the most prestigious award for an architect. Robert had also received the coveted McGraw-Hill Award in 1998 for his excellence in management. The Design Future Council also made Ivy its senior fellow in the same year. Recently in 2010, the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, named Mr. Ivy the Master Architect. Over time, Robert has received numerous awards for his efforts in communicating the value of architecture profession and design.

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Impressionable Facts about Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a famous mathematician and he has showcased a vast understanding of complex mathematical problems over the past years. Michael attained his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1987. He has been mentored by many of his lecturers and a significant number of them have always been his motivation.

Michael educational background is also impressive and due to the vast knowledge he posses in maths, he has received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people. Many students in the country also seek to share their mathematical issues with the renowned mathematician as he always helps them handle them easily.

Besides, Michael has also received a series of awards due to his notable contributions in the field of mathematics. He has handled a number of a thesis to support a number of assumptions regarding math.

He was honored with the Guggenheim awards as well as the Simons Foundations as an appreciation of the numerous researches Lacey has done concerning mathematics, majorly on the issue of probability. Michael has helped people understand the basics of math and he has worked closely with prestigious personnel in the field like Walter Philip to explain the complexity of some mathematical problems. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

Additionally, Michael has also proved to be a hard worker and he has received recognition for the numerous researches he has presented and consulted. He is a strong believer in the importance of reproaching and being a lecturer, he also encourages his students to rely on researches as they equip them with knowledge on numerous issues in the field.

Michael`s ability to address the subject of conjecture marked a breakthrough in his career. Together with the renowned mathematician Christoph Thiele, they successfully solved the complex mathematical issue and later awarded with the Salem Awards.

Michael is also passionate about mentoring young people and he has taken the initiative to help them acquire better lives by avoiding the negative issues that interfere with their successes. Michael has been highly amended by people for the dedication he has sowed towards achieving the best. Besides, Michael also likes sharing ideas with other people and he strives to invent new ideas for a successful career.

He is a role model to many young people and he always encourages them to put a great effort towards achieving the best. Michael has also mentored more than 10 postdocs and he has always served as an example to his students.

Barbara Stokes Changes Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes as it did in 2005 in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, families have no idea what they will return to when floodwaters recede. In many cases, homes are unfortunately completely washed away or destroyed and unsafe because of standing floodwaters. Back in 2005, FEMA provided temporary shelters for families whose homes were destroyed by the hurricane. Unfortunately, a new wave of problems arose when these families began to experience health problems such as breathing issues, nosebleeds, and flu-like symptoms due to the shoddy craftsmanship of the shelters and the presence of formaldehyde. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Thankfully, FEMA has since teamed up with Barbara Stokes and her company Green Structure Homes. Barbara started the company with husband Scott and they are based out of Huntsville, Alabama. Green Structure Homes specializes in disaster relief construction, producing affordable and high-quality housing for those impacted by disaster. Their housing can be quickly assembled when disaster strikes and they use local labor for completion. Most importantly, their housing is safe for families. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Since history has shown that disaster often strikes the same place twice, as it did in New Orleans, Barbara Stokes’ company reevaluated what temporary housing needs to look like. For many families, their homes were unlivable for at least a year; with nowhere else to go, temporary shelter became their somewhat permanent reality. Keeping this in mind, Green Structure Homes are outfitted with smoke detectors, sprinklers, and the strength to withstand 130mph winds. Keeping safety in mind, these homes are wheelchair accessible and highly energy-efficient. Even with all these features, the homes are very affordable for when families need it most. Barbara and Scott are dedicated to keeping families and entire communities in tact when disaster strikes.


Find Out What Talk Fusion Is Doing To Bring the World Together

Everyone is happy whenever they appear in the video. Whether you are short and bald, tall and slim, appearing on video would make you smile. With the new technology, you don’t have to hide behind those letters and emails anymore. Technology has come to make things easier and more appealing. What the new technology has done is to force business people to rethink how they operate their business operations. With video taking a greater part of the online experience, business people should take advantage of the video communication solutions to thrive in business. That’s why global companies like Talk Fusion have come up to offer telecommunication services, video services, and internet services.


The company has made video communication a powerful tool in business marketing. The company has been committed to making social networking, broadcasting, and conferencing products. You could also use their video email services to increase efficiency and returns on investment. It’s very easy to send a video message today to your employees. You just need to record the video on a Flip camera or using a Webcam. You then upload the video message using the Talk Fusion portal. Many business people have embraced this technology, and their businesses are no longer the same.


Bob Reina happens to the Chief Executive Officer of this global company. From the time the company was founded in 2007, it has offered many business services on relationship marketing. Most people find this a company an opportunity they can use to earn commissions. While other companies offering similar services pay monthly and weekly commissions, Talk Fusion has taken a different direction. Its pay compensation plan is instant. Reina says the company is aimed at offering a superior solution and video power to bring the world together. The company has become the first one to offer instant compensation plans that never existed before. With the vision, the company leaders have, it is possible to make this world a better place for business.


One thing about the team working at Talk Fusion is its enthusiasm and passion for charity. The company believes it can only move forward if it has a place for the community. The company believes many people have great dreams about their life but actualizing them has become a problem. The company doesn’t just know most of the highest ethical business practices, but it also adheres to them. Reina says the company has a great responsibility ahead that matches its great success. Learn more:

InnovaCare Excels under Rick Shinto Leadership 

InnovaCare, Inc is an American healthcare company that has become very popular in the recent years. The company specializes in the provision of affordable Medicaid and Medicare plans for clients in many parts of the country. The company does not compromise about the quality of its services, and this is the primary reason it has been growing in the recent years. Not long ago, the top management in the company announced that the healthcare company had received the 2018 Medicare Star Ratings. According to the report from the large company, InnovaCare has acquired 4.5 out of the five stars offered by the prestigious organization. Getting this recognition is not easy for the ordinary American company. The company has always committed to offering its clients high-quality health services.


While speaking about the ratings, the president of the successful healthcare company, Richard Shinto said that his company was very delighted to have received the top ratings. According to Shinto, getting the top rating is only the real evidence that the company is in the right direction when it comes to the provision of high-quality services. The company has always been admired by the customers living in Puerto Rico and other regions. The affordability of the plans from the company speaks volumes about the success of the company in the competitive market. This is not the first time CMS is offering its ratings. Shinto says that the ratings are offered every year, and they give the real information concerning the satisfaction of the customers. Shinto is very happy that most of the customers who received services from the company are contented. The professionals who are employed at the healthcare company have played a leading role in the success the company has received.


It is not a surprise that the healthcare company is doing well. The organization has a great team of leaders who understand the market quite well, and they have never shied away from making the progress the company needs. InnovaCare Health leadership comprises Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides, Mike Sortino and Jonathan Meyers. All of these individuals are not strangers to government approved plans. These individuals have worked in the American healthcare department for a very long time, and they understand some of the complex challenges companies have to deal with. Penelope Kokkinides has done a great job when dealing with the administrative activities in the company. As one of the few women who is performing so well in the corporate world, Kokkinides has ensured that customers in the healthcare system get the services they need.


Sussex Healthcare Is A Leader

Sussex Healthcare provides supportive healthcare to the elderly and younger adults that have learning or physical disabilities. The organization is located in southern England, but news of their outstanding organization travels throughout the country. What distinguishes a great organization from a mediocre organization.

Well, it certainly begins with great professional leadership, a skilled staff, and an inspiring organization with a strong passion for caring and nurturing the people that are in their care. Certainly, Sussex Healthcare is a leader in healthcare because they focus on the things that are important to people in their 20 facilities.

Shiraz Boghani And Shafik Sachedina
It is important to note that the organization has been around for 25 years and managed by two great co-chairmen that include Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. These two individuals have combined their skills to create a great management team. Boghani is a successful entrepreneur with a long history in the hospitality industry. Sachedina is a person with a strong medical background. In fact, he is a dental surgeon. Recently, Amanda Morgan-Taylor joined the organization. She is the new CEO and brings a wealth of knowledge to the healthcare organization that will help the organization achieve even greater success in the years to come.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare’s New Facility Is As Amazing As Its Quality Of Care

Professional Staff
Sussex Healthcare received numerous awards in the healthcare field because of their amazing professional staff. The staff is filled with a rare energy that is key to the success of the organization. Their inspiring philosophy on treatment is also the key to their great success too. Certainly, the members of the staff believe strongly in this philosophy too, which involves treating the whole individual. Thus, taking care of their physical needs along with providing social, recreational, and physical activities that lift the spirits of those in their charge. In addition, Sussex Healthcare provides their staff with numerous benefits that include an excellent pension, free uniforms, meals, free staff bus, vacations, training, educational programs, and more.

Specialized Care
The organization offers specialized care to elderly people that reside in their residential homes. In addition, Sussex offers customized care to adults with physical disabilities and learning disabilities. Dementia care is also a part of their services and they like to make sure that the people with dementia live a happy and productive life too. Specialized care is also offered to those with neurological issues, multiple learning disabilities, and much more. Sussex Healthcare is an organization that continually strives to meet the needs of those in their care.


Mark Mofid a doctor and an inventor, is a plastic surgeon from areas of La Jolla and San Diego. He attended the University of Havard and graduated with a B.Sc in Medicine and later advanced his studies to obtain a Medical degree at the University of John Hopkins. Dr. Mofid is board-certified by ABFPRS and ABPS who practices in his health center and various hospitals such as Scripps Memorial Hospital, Palomar Medical Center and Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center in San Diego. Not only does he practice medicine but also lectures plastic surgery at California University based in San Diego.

Despite the industry getting negative features from all corners, Mark Mofid through his intensive research is finally saving the industry and improve things in that sector. The plastic surgeon is an inventor and has made an excellent reputation for himself by ensuring that medical safety of his patients come first. Practicing good work has made different people to be assured of their safety when Dr. Mofid is conducting surgery on them.

As soon as he began working in the industry, he saw that the industry had sufficient potential to do better instead of the past practices. In the previous years, the sector (gluteal augmentation) has faced a variety of serious issues. The biggest of them being the implants were not incompatible with the muscle structure of the human body and were bound to sag. After working and tirelessly researching for over eight years on developing these particular sorts of surgeries, Mark Mofid has been able to come up with a more exceptional design of the gluteal implant. This new gluteal implant has enhanced proportions, absolute intramuscular positioning, and looks better than the previous obsolete alternatives.

With innovators such as Mark Mofid in the gluteal augmentation industry, it is certain that the industry will progressively advance. Dr. Mofid has also been working closely with Dr. Gonzalez, a professional and skilled surgeon from Brazil. He saw he can learn a number of things from the sector in Brazil and how they operate. Mark Mofid is also an author and has published breast and facial surgery books for the industry. He also conducts public speaking in various medical conferences.

Rocketship Education: A Nonprofit Charter School, Bridging Achievement Gap

Rocketship Education is a national and nonprofit public elementary charter school that serves low-income communities who have limited access to better schools. It was founded in 2006 and is a nonprofit corporation under 501 (c) (3) with the mission of eradicating the achievement gap through building a sustainable school model and one that is scalable to encourage students to performing well in the underprivileged communities in the country. It has an instructional level that is teacher-led, supported by new technology to personalize learning approach that matches each of the students. It also avails the correct content at the appropriate time and makes use of right insertion methods. Rocketship Education has a strong network of parents and their students which builds a healthy school community and that way, the parents become strong advocates for the community and their children. The corporation is working along with community organizations, parent, district, charter schools to ensure that the achievement gap is eliminated in the country.

The founding principal of Rocketship Education, James Robinson, shared on some of the sensitive matters toward understanding growth scores by the parent. He says that to achieve the gap closing growth requires effective teaching which is as a result of regular measure and monitoring of the students. James encourages parents to monitor and track the growth in scores from their children on the assessment tool, MAP, regardless of their failures. James also urges the parents to take a close look at where their children are headed and not about where they currently are. This would enable them to have long-term success. James shared on the potential that the children at Rocketship Education have despite the economic challenges that they face in the community. He urges people and the advocates to pay attention to growth in a close manner where he says that for below the grade students, it can be possible to track great success if they are monitored well. From the national data, most students that are raised under poor conditions and surroundings, it becomes difficult for them to catch up with school education but the school is committed to bridging that gap.

Wes Edens is an Admired Private Equity Investor

Private equity investors focus their capital resources on private companies. Over the past few years, private equity investors have gained a relatively large market niche. This is solely attributed to the fact that they attract some of the best corporations in various industries. When describing some of the best private equity investors in the world, Wes Edens fits the bill. The American businessman has invested in private equity as well as sports. Perhaps he is well recognized as the co-founder of the famous Fortress Investment Group. Aside from that, he co-owns Milwaukee Bucks. This is an association of basketball partly owned by a franchise in Wisconsin. As if those roles and positions are not enough for one man with a busy schedule, Edens owns FlyQuest, a League of Legends team.


Edens is an educated man. He attended Oregon State University for two courses; business administration and Bachelor of Science in finance.


With his academic credentials, he managed to secure a job straight after college. That is how his career began in 1987 when he worked at Lehamn Brothers. As the managing partner, Edens’ roles included overseeing the firm’s management and making critical decisions all for the good of the organization’s growth. After a few years of service and garnering vast knowledge of managerial skills, Edens joined BlackRock Asset. To be specific, BlackRock’s division of private equity. He worked as a partner for four years. In the short span, he was employed as the managing director as well.


Well, at that point, Edens had worked hard enough to understand the ropes of private equity, team leadership, and project management. As life’s transitions would later dictate him, he joined Peter Briger and Robert Kauffman in search for better pastures in the private equity industry. That is how the three co-founded Fortress Investment Group.

 Additional Information

Edens became an active member of Fortress Investment Group in 1998. As a co-principal, he ensured that experts ran the organization. Behind the scenes, he invested in relatable investment styles that left the Wall Street Journal with the assignment to highlight his roles, contributions, and efforts to grow Fortress Investment Group.


Because of his contributions to Fortress Investment Group, Wes Dens earned positive recognition from some of the world’s best private equity firms. At the same time, high-profile corporations identified Fortress Investment Group. Of course, this would not be possible without a competent leader who oversees the allocation of assets and resources to the right dockets.

Securus Technology Heightens Public and Correctional Facilities Safety with Drone Detection

Securus Technologies, the American software solutions company, has released a new technology. The technology will detect and prevent drones from reaching and delivering contraband to prisoners.

The new technology, which is in its trial stage, has been developed after it emerged that prisoners are getting illegal items such as phones, drugs, pornographic materials and weapons brought to them using drones.

Securus Technologies provides technology that enhances safety in correctional facilities. The technology also seeks to keep prison workers, their families, and the public safe by minimizing the possibility of prisoners targeting them for attacks.

When prisoners sneak in contraband such as phones into correctional facilities, they use them to organize crimes. Some of the people they target are strict correctional facility staffs and their families.

They also target witnesses, members of rival gangs and people they have previously attacked. They target them so that they do not identify them to the police.

Contraband materials such as guns, pornography, and drugs delivered to prisons can harm other prisoners or initiate them into habits they were not involved in before.

In 2015, a drone delivered a parcel containing marijuana, tobacco, and heroin to a prisoner in an Ohio correction facility. Reports indicate that a drone was used to supply tools for the attempted prison break in a South Carolina prison in July 2017.

More attempts have been detected in other prisons across America. This is an indication that criminals are willing to go to any length, including using the latest technology, to execute their plans.

The new technology by Securus Technologies is an improvement to the wireless containment technology, which detects and bars unauthorized calls within prison facilities.

Records on the technology are real time, and they are useful in preventing and solving crimes. They provide incriminating evidence linking crimes to specific people.

Securus Technologies facilitates legal communication to prisoners using its video visitation mobile app. Inmates can also make a free call to authorized people using the Securus Correctional Billing Services.

On this platform, the person receiving the call pays for the call. Alternatively, an inmate can have an account paid for by family and friends to pay for any authorized calls made through Securus Technologies platforms.

It has taken Securus Technologies over eighteen months to develop the drone detection technology. Within this time, they have consulted widely with technology experts to identify the engineering elements that will help to develop, install and operate the technology successfully.