Nationwide’s Innovative Business Plan And Improved Resources

Nationwide Title Clearing provides titles and other post clearing documents to top firms in various industries such as finance, investment, and real estate. In September 2016, the company’s chairman John Hillman announced that they had increased their research network to 4000 in a count. NTC’s new services include a two and a half a day turnaround time upon request of research. They provide services to customers all across the United States at low costs. NTC introduced a simplified pricing plan and vendor rating systems that depend on the quality of the research and the turnaround time of the project. John Hillman stated that NTC’s Tier 3 research system, in-house staff, and modern technology, provide clients with reliable research solutions and better responses to clientele concerns.



John Hillman appeared on the business-oriented podcast, Brand Focus to explain how NTC chooses its compliance policies. Brand Focus features firms to showcase how they select their B2B partners. John Hillman acknowledged that most people pay more to ensure that they adhere to compliance standards. He explained that despite the high among required, it is necessary to standardize the rules so that they meet the set pricing. John believes that investing in compliance without overspending is crucial to maintaining the profitability of business. According to the CEO, NTC only requires customers to pay the necessary compliance fees without any extra charges. NTC perceives its customers as partners instead of vendors and has perfected success through the methodology.



In November 2016, NTC announced the winner of the 2016 luxury vacation award for the best associate. The trip included two flight tickets to Florida with a return ticket using the Southwest Airlines and a night at a famed four-star hotel, the Sandpearl Resort, and Spa. The winner stated that he and his wife were looking forward to spending the holiday enjoying the generous gift from NTC. NTC received an award for the 5th time from the Top 100 Workplace by Tampa Bay Times. John Hillman stated that leading a company that attracts employees who wish to renew their contracts with the firm is a blessing. He added to say that he is happy to work in a company that ensures its clients feel welcomed, satisfied and satisfied with their working environment and benefits. The CEO of Workplace Dynamics believes that NTC’s win was a solid proof of the strong solidarity among its staff and high health conditions around the workplace.




Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that was founded in and runs out of Dallas, Texas. The primary concern of the company is to work on their clients’ private equity accounts, credit hedge funds, and other various credit accounts. Visit to know more. However, that is not the sole focus of the company; Co-founder, James Dondero, makes it his personal goal to set aside three million dollars of the company budget every year for their various philanthropic ventures and has done so every year since the beginning of Highland Capital Management. It is said by other philanthropists in the city of Dallas, Texas, that without the donations and financial assistance from Highland Capital Management, a great deal of the establishments that rely on donations would not be able to stay open and prosper without their help, and for that, Dallas is very thankful.


Just one of the examples of the generosity of Highland Capital is the recent donation to the Dallas Zoo to reopen their long-lost hippopotamus habitat. Nearly two decades ago, in 2001, the zoo’s management team had to make the heartbreaking decision to close the beloved habitat after their eldest, and last living hippo died of old age. The Zoo staff has heard a continued outcry from the visitors of the park to please bring back the favorite animals, but they have been unable to do so due to lack of funding. Thanks to Highland Capital Management and several other philanthropists in the area of Dallas, Texas, the zoo was able to reach their fourteen million dollar goal to rebuild and reopen their once-favorite habitat. Now the zoo is home to two young hippo’s, Adhama, and Boipelo. Zoo staff hopes that the two will become closer over time and breed to support the endangered population of the hippopotamus. The habitat is also home to a new facility that visitors can rent out for special occasions, called the Highland Capital Lodge, in honor of the one million dollars donated by Highland Capital Management. Other establishments that find assistance through the investment firm are ones that promise to launch Dallas, Texas and northern Texas into the future in a positive way. Read this article at PR Newswire.

The Real Real Raises Serious Funding for Business, $115 Million

The Real Real is flourishing in venture capital right now. The online consignment shop announced on Wednesday that they secured $115 million in Series G Funding increasing their private equity capital to $288 million.

With this much capital and the site’s popularity climbing, CEO and founder of The Real Real, Julie Wainwright, is planning to expand from the web to brick-and-mortar fulfillment centers. With new plans of opening a concept shop in L.A. and more in Manhattan.

The Real Real’s success can be traced back to its humble beginnings in a kitchen with a U-haul and big plans. Now the store boasts over 600 employees with attention from media like Fortune, WWD, and NPR just to name a few.

Consignment shops have become more than just a small shop on the corner of a community where beads, purses, and jackets. The Real Real is just one of the many online consignment shops bringing recycled luxury items to e-commerce. However, to build up a reputation and gain traction in business, The Real Real had to have venture capital and the Series G Funding is great for those startups that are already established with millions in equity.

Key investors in The Real Real’s success are PWP Growth Equity and Great Hill Partners. Just last month in June The Real Real wanted to raise $100 million dollars investment, so it’s safe to say they have met their goal and more this time around.

Other sites like ThredUp and Poshmark are also gaining recognition. just released an article listing the top 8 sites to find vintage wear without leaving your home, so The Real Real is capitalizing on a huge marketing trend right now.

The Real Real, ThreadUp, and Poshmark will be among the few expected to be worth $42 billion by the year 2022.

The Forever Rising Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers, an EDM/ Pop/ Electropop group began in 2012 in New York City, New York. They are made up of an American DJ and production duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They made a name for themselves with the song “#Selfie” that was released in 2014. This song was a top twenty single in many countries. Some other songs that were widely popular were, “Roses” in 2015, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer” which became their first number one single on the charts.

The Chainsmokers are an endless force, putting out one hit after the next. Recently, their debut album, “Memories… Do Not Open” is breaking records left and right. This album has been released for over a year now and it is still striving. It just reached one of the longest stretches at the top of Billboard charts. On Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart, the album is number one. This label recognizes popular records that can be categorized under dance or electronic labels, which is the exact type of music the Chainsmokers make. Being included on the Top 40, a great achievement, they have also held spots on the Billboard 200. The April of last year, The Chainsmokers were also included on the Billboard 200, which encompasses all genres of music. They also had a few songs on the top 10 of 200, and although they were not on the Billboard 200 for that long, they never went below 5 while remaining in the top 10.

Most recently, they have hit the thirty-fourth non-consecutive turn being at the peak for their full-length, which has only been accomplished by one other group and is the highest that an album has ever gone. It is likely that the Chainsmokers’ album “Memories… Do Not Open” will be the sole owner of number three.

In only a year, the Chainsmokers have reached higher and higher levels of achievement. Their success does not go unnoticed, and they remain to hold spots on Billboards and who knows how long they will remain or what they will come out next that will likely follow in the path of previous songs and albums.

Vijay Eswaran and his Philosophical Lessons

Vijay Eswaran is a renowned philosopher and a successful businessman. He has many publications on various topics such as fear, leadership, and the aspect of change in the human life. He says that fear can have different consequences on an individual depending on their perception. He gives an example of skydiving. One person could be very excited to have the experience while another in so much fear for imagining that they could lose their lives. A positive attitude is likely to lead to good outcomes. He explains that a positive change only occurs when the individual is committed to it. According to him, the change process is not easy. You are likely to find people experiencing similar changes, and they will help you to overcome the difficulties you may be having.

Vijay Eswaran also published an article on the aspect of servant leadership. He explains that leadership involves valuing the needs of other people. He points out that he has read many books since his childhood. Some of his role models include Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. According to the philosopher, the individuals gained popularity because they identified their purpose in their lives. The individuals spent most of their lives trying to serve other people who were in need. The entrepreneur argues that the employees in a firm are the most valuable assets. He urges the management to value their workers as it will improve their performance and also reduce the advertising costs as the workers are likely to give the best in customer service. The businessman points out that empowered employees require less supervision to perform their duties effectively.

Vijay Eswaran argues that good leaders should come up with a clear vision that is acceptable among the stakeholders. They should also put mechanisms to ensure that all the objectives are achieved as planned. After developing the vision of the firm, the leaders should communicate the objectives to different stakeholders to ensure that each of them understands what is expected of them during implementation. He argues that the servant leaders develop core values that define the operation of the firm. According to him, the servant leaders focuses on helping the employees to attain their full potential through activities such as training.

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The contributions of Paul Mamphilly in the Commercial Sector

Paul Paul Mampilly is a renowned businessman from the United States of America. He runs a series of successful businesses in different states in America. He works at Banyan Hill Publishing as the senior editor of profits unlimited. He also owns two active companies known as Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Mr. Paul Mampilly is known as an author, editor and a publisher who has written several articles, newsletters, and others on matters that concern business. For example, he wrote a newsletter known as Winning Investor Daily which received great audience from the people in the corporate world. He is reflected as an influencer and a great idealist when it concerns mainly business, and this has contributed significantly to his success over the years. Before Paul Mampilly launched his two organizations, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum, he worked with other top companies. He worked at Stanberry research LLC as an editor, served as the money manager at Royal Bank of Scotland and Swiss Bank, he also worked at Deutsche Bank as the manager, and as an analyst, worked as a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust and served in many other more areas. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Mr. Paul Mamphilly has many years of experience in the commercial sector. He majorly focused on stock marketing and investments. He also helped and emphasized small businesses to modernize their products, models and learn to understand the ever-changing market trends. He did this to help the small companies shoot and aim higher so that they can reach their targeted customers.

Following Mr. Paul Mampilly’s love for business, he has been able to share his great ideas with different people in different states in the United States of America. He has been to several platforms, conferences and business meetings where he was able to meet and share his opinions on matters that concern investments and stock marketing, technology and exceptional opportunities, and also small-cap stocks.


Mr. Paul Mampilly has been featured on different media houses such as the Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, and CNBC. His success is also because he received several credits on his name. For instance, he won Templeton Foundation Investment Competition and received a certification from Fordham University in New York. Learn more about Paul on

Anil Chaturvedi: Choosing The Right Financial Advisor For Your Needs

If you are searching for information on how to manage your money or start investing, it’s imperative to choose a professional to help you. There are many professionals that offer banking or investing advice and guidance but keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. You need to choose someone that has a proven track record in the field.

There are several important factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing an advisor. You need to make sure that the professional has a good reputation and is well experienced.

If you are serious about getting top notch banking advice or guidance, look no further than Anil Chaturvedi – one of the leaders in the industry. Anil Chaturvedi has been guiding and advising clients and customers for many years and is well known in the banking field.

Many people turn to Anil Chaturvedi for proper guidance on banking and investing issues. Numerous entrepreneurs and organizations rely on his expertise to help get access to high quality financing information and strategies. Anyone who wants to enlist the services of a top rated financial or banking professional should consider getting in touch with Anil Chaturvedi right away.

It is advisable for entrepreneurs and corporate executives and managers to become familiar with various ways of getting financing and money management issues resolved or handled appropriately.

Investment banks provide highly sought after services in the investment and banking fields. They serve as middlemen between an organization or enterprise and investors when the company decides to issue stock or bonds.

Do you want to have a renowned professional on your team? Want to be sure that you are on the right path to growing your business or your organization? Then check out Anil Chaturvedi right away. He has vast experience in the field and is highly reputable as well.

Achieving financial success is not something to be taken lightly. Getting expert assistance can be beneficial and will help you grow your enterprise or organization. Perhaps you want to consult a private banking or commercial banking expert like Anil Chaturvedi.

Prestigious Lifetime Achievements Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy currently works at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as the executive vice president. Meanwhile, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) have awarded Mr. Ivy with the coveted Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. In fact, Robert Ivy is the first architect to receive this award, which recognizes art patrons and artists in Mississippi for supporting, creating, and performing art exceptionally. Artist Walter Anderson, actor Morgan Freeman, and writer Eudora Welty are some of the past honorees of the Polk Award.

No one matches Robert Ivy in Mississippi when it comes to communicating the values of architecture to the public. Mr. Ivy features in an acclaimed list of honorees of the Noel Polk Award for his achievements as an architect, commentator, and writer. Moreover, Ivy’s efforts as a practicing architect, editor, author, and the CEO of AIA since 2011 has made him a worthy ambassador of the architecture profession. The Noel Polk Award came as an honor for his professional and personal achievements as a Mississippi native.

Robert Ivy has influenced AIA and expanded its global presence since taking over as the CEO in 2011. In fact, AIA is currently at its highest membership level since its establishment 160 years ago. Moreover, Mr. Ivy also expects an official acknowledgment during an event scheduled on 2nd June.

About Robert Ivy

Robert rose to the rank of the editor in chief of Architectural Record in 1996. Under his tenure, Ivy worked hard to make Architectural Record the most read architectural journal in the world. Over time, Ivy moved to McGraw-Hill Construction Media as the Editorial Director and Vice President. Under his tenure as the editor in chief, Architectural Record was honored with numerous publishing awards for its excellence. They include the American Society of Magazine Award, the premier magazine journalism award as well as the National Magazine Award, which is a rare achievement for an architectural journal.

In 2009, the American Business Media awarded Mr. Ivy with the Crain Award, which is the most prestigious award for an architect. Robert had also received the coveted McGraw-Hill Award in 1998 for his excellence in management. The Design Future Council also made Ivy its senior fellow in the same year. Recently in 2010, the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, named Mr. Ivy the Master Architect. Over time, Robert has received numerous awards for his efforts in communicating the value of architecture profession and design.

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Impressionable Facts about Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a famous mathematician and he has showcased a vast understanding of complex mathematical problems over the past years. Michael attained his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1987. He has been mentored by many of his lecturers and a significant number of them have always been his motivation.

Michael educational background is also impressive and due to the vast knowledge he posses in maths, he has received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people. Many students in the country also seek to share their mathematical issues with the renowned mathematician as he always helps them handle them easily.

Besides, Michael has also received a series of awards due to his notable contributions in the field of mathematics. He has handled a number of a thesis to support a number of assumptions regarding math.

He was honored with the Guggenheim awards as well as the Simons Foundations as an appreciation of the numerous researches Lacey has done concerning mathematics, majorly on the issue of probability. Michael has helped people understand the basics of math and he has worked closely with prestigious personnel in the field like Walter Philip to explain the complexity of some mathematical problems. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

Additionally, Michael has also proved to be a hard worker and he has received recognition for the numerous researches he has presented and consulted. He is a strong believer in the importance of reproaching and being a lecturer, he also encourages his students to rely on researches as they equip them with knowledge on numerous issues in the field.

Michael`s ability to address the subject of conjecture marked a breakthrough in his career. Together with the renowned mathematician Christoph Thiele, they successfully solved the complex mathematical issue and later awarded with the Salem Awards.

Michael is also passionate about mentoring young people and he has taken the initiative to help them acquire better lives by avoiding the negative issues that interfere with their successes. Michael has been highly amended by people for the dedication he has sowed towards achieving the best. Besides, Michael also likes sharing ideas with other people and he strives to invent new ideas for a successful career.

He is a role model to many young people and he always encourages them to put a great effort towards achieving the best. Michael has also mentored more than 10 postdocs and he has always served as an example to his students.

Barbara Stokes Changes Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes as it did in 2005 in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, families have no idea what they will return to when floodwaters recede. In many cases, homes are unfortunately completely washed away or destroyed and unsafe because of standing floodwaters. Back in 2005, FEMA provided temporary shelters for families whose homes were destroyed by the hurricane. Unfortunately, a new wave of problems arose when these families began to experience health problems such as breathing issues, nosebleeds, and flu-like symptoms due to the shoddy craftsmanship of the shelters and the presence of formaldehyde. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Thankfully, FEMA has since teamed up with Barbara Stokes and her company Green Structure Homes. Barbara started the company with husband Scott and they are based out of Huntsville, Alabama. Green Structure Homes specializes in disaster relief construction, producing affordable and high-quality housing for those impacted by disaster. Their housing can be quickly assembled when disaster strikes and they use local labor for completion. Most importantly, their housing is safe for families. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Since history has shown that disaster often strikes the same place twice, as it did in New Orleans, Barbara Stokes’ company reevaluated what temporary housing needs to look like. For many families, their homes were unlivable for at least a year; with nowhere else to go, temporary shelter became their somewhat permanent reality. Keeping this in mind, Green Structure Homes are outfitted with smoke detectors, sprinklers, and the strength to withstand 130mph winds. Keeping safety in mind, these homes are wheelchair accessible and highly energy-efficient. Even with all these features, the homes are very affordable for when families need it most. Barbara and Scott are dedicated to keeping families and entire communities in tact when disaster strikes.


Find Out What Talk Fusion Is Doing To Bring the World Together

Everyone is happy whenever they appear in the video. Whether you are short and bald, tall and slim, appearing on video would make you smile. With the new technology, you don’t have to hide behind those letters and emails anymore. Technology has come to make things easier and more appealing. What the new technology has done is to force business people to rethink how they operate their business operations. With video taking a greater part of the online experience, business people should take advantage of the video communication solutions to thrive in business. That’s why global companies like Talk Fusion have come up to offer telecommunication services, video services, and internet services.


The company has made video communication a powerful tool in business marketing. The company has been committed to making social networking, broadcasting, and conferencing products. You could also use their video email services to increase efficiency and returns on investment. It’s very easy to send a video message today to your employees. You just need to record the video on a Flip camera or using a Webcam. You then upload the video message using the Talk Fusion portal. Many business people have embraced this technology, and their businesses are no longer the same.


Bob Reina happens to the Chief Executive Officer of this global company. From the time the company was founded in 2007, it has offered many business services on relationship marketing. Most people find this a company an opportunity they can use to earn commissions. While other companies offering similar services pay monthly and weekly commissions, Talk Fusion has taken a different direction. Its pay compensation plan is instant. Reina says the company is aimed at offering a superior solution and video power to bring the world together. The company has become the first one to offer instant compensation plans that never existed before. With the vision, the company leaders have, it is possible to make this world a better place for business.


One thing about the team working at Talk Fusion is its enthusiasm and passion for charity. The company believes it can only move forward if it has a place for the community. The company believes many people have great dreams about their life but actualizing them has become a problem. The company doesn’t just know most of the highest ethical business practices, but it also adheres to them. Reina says the company has a great responsibility ahead that matches its great success. Learn more: