The Life and Work History of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua serves as living proof that intelligence and strong determination are the only things you need to succeed as an entrepreneur and have the power to compete with other business people coming from different parts of the globe.

Life Story

According to The Street, Bernard Chua, or Bernie to his close friends, is quite different from a lot of Asians who have triumphed in North America, for the reason that he only went there approximately 13 years ago. Though he grew to know the Philippine culture, his parents did not fail to introduce him to Chinese traditional medicine which has been utilizing unique curative plants from the latter for ages.

Among those wild plants, the one that caught Bernardo’s interest is Ganoderma lucidum. This is a mushroom variety that has a shiny outer layer and double walls, develops on tree trunks, and grows mainly in tropical places. It led her to his first business venture: the Gano Excel.

Working for Gano Excel

This is a company founded by Leow Soon Seng, who later became a mentor for him. The products that they create have Ganoderma as the main ingredients. As Chua understood the benefits that the flora can offer to man, he got closer to Leow and was soon opening a franchise in 1999 in the Philippines. He then worked tirelessly, later on, to help in establishing the brand in the United States. Thus, in 2003, he moved to the said country to hold the presidential position in Gano Excel USA.

Creating the Organo Brand

All great things must need to come to an end, as Bernardo Chua chose to vacate his place from Gano Excel after years of being at the helm of the company. Not too long after his retirement, however, in 2008 he founded OrGano Gold, a coffee brand that makes use of Ganoderma lucidum as well.

Labaton Sucharow Ensures Whistleblower Claims Are Properly Done

SEC whistleblower claims are quite important as those testifying before the government are taken by a lawyer who specializes in such cases. The cases taken by the firm at Labaton Sucharow are litigated in the same manner every time. They work quite hard to ensure their clients are given the awards they deserve, and this article explains how Labaton Sucharow does their work.


#1: What Is The Reward For A Whistleblower?


The reward for SEC whistleblowers is 10% of the total amount found as a result of the case. The government seeks out information on money that was lost, and they recover the funds as part of their criminal cases. The whistleblower who brings the information to the government is given a reward once all funds are recovered, and the whistleblower must file a claim with the government as outlined by the Dodd Frank legislation.


#2: Labaton Sucharow Represents The Interests Of The Client


The interests of the client must be protected at every step, and the lawyers with Labaton Sucharow are incredibly-skilled when dealing with the government. They understand what is required when the client asks for their claim, and they submit the papers for the claims. Clients are not asked to involve themselves in the claims process, and they are not forced to contact the government directly. The government may be quite difficult for everyone to coordinate with, but the offices of Labaton Sucharow are open for customer service on this level.


#3: Why Is Whistleblowing Important?


Whistleblowing is the only method useful for the government when no other information is available. They are investigating large cases that involve millions of dollars in lost cash, and they need someone on the inside to help them with their information-gathering. Finding a new whistleblower for every case under the law requires a new reward, and the claim amount is determined by the government and a lawyer at Labaton Sucharow.


Clients who approach the firm for assistance with their whistleblower case, and it is quite important they have a lawyer ensure their rights are protected. The whistleblower comes to the government knowing it is the right thing to do, but they are not safe until the case is completed.

Did George Soros donate to Clinton even though he knew she would lose?

George Soros has recently garnered much attention for donating kingly sums to Hillary Clinton’s spectacularly flawed and ultimately doomed candidacy. However, his smaller, and arguably more sober, efforts have largely gone unremarked upon. For years, Soros has been quietly funneling untold millions into the campaigns of local elections, shaping, and in some cases radically altering, the fundamental ways that cities are governed. For anyone who thinks that a strategic genius like Soros fell lockstep out of the handicap van and onto the sidewalk of the vanquished along with his tremulous, syncope-stricken presidential-hopeful would be making a major error of judgment.

Soros presidential money as speech, not investment

If the decision of Citizens United, which Soros himself detests, is any guide then the donations of billionaires into presidential politics is best viewed not as an investment or quid pro quo transaction, but as speech. And of course, all citizens are entitled to speak freely. So if Sheldon Adelson wants to donate $100,000 million to Harry Reid’s campaign, then Mr. Reed just so happens to pass a protectionist law which favors Mr. Adelson’s businesses, well that’s just fine.

However, in the case of Soros there’s a real argument to be made that his contributions to presidential politics, which since 2004 amount total more than $52 million dollars, really are just that – speech. Soros has been so philosophically minded throughout the course of his career that, even among his most ardent detractors, there can be no doubt that he acts primarily out of a sense of what’s morally right. His considerable political contributions seem detached completely from any profit motive.

On top of this George Soros is a very smart man. Despite their personal friendship, Hillary Clinton was an extremely flawed candidate and many analysts who knew the score had serious doubts about her ability to pull off a win in the general election. Soros was undoubtedly acutely aware of this. Even assuming he thought his chances of a win were that of a coin flip, those odds aren’t anywhere near what he normally would have required to make a financial investment. It seems likely then that Soros donated over $25 million dollars to Clinton’s campaign, not just without expectation of personal profit, but with no expectation that she would even win and indeed perhaps the expectation that she would lose. That’s about as close as a multi-million dollar donation comes to actually being equivalent to mere “speech”,at least that easily comes to mind.

Soros usually plays to win

Even if his presidential donations were intended more as a statement of solidarity then as a strategic investment, Soros’ opponents would be wise to remain on guard. His financial track record is arguably unsurpassed in history and his other philanthropic pursuits are generally no less impressive. When Soros trains his big guns on his targets, victory is usually as swift as it is complete.

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