Sussex Healthcare Is A Leader

Sussex Healthcare provides supportive healthcare to the elderly and younger adults that have learning or physical disabilities. The organization is located in southern England, but news of their outstanding organization travels throughout the country. What distinguishes a great organization from a mediocre organization.

Well, it certainly begins with great professional leadership, a skilled staff, and an inspiring organization with a strong passion for caring and nurturing the people that are in their care. Certainly, Sussex Healthcare is a leader in healthcare because they focus on the things that are important to people in their 20 facilities.

Shiraz Boghani And Shafik Sachedina
It is important to note that the organization has been around for 25 years and managed by two great co-chairmen that include Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. These two individuals have combined their skills to create a great management team. Boghani is a successful entrepreneur with a long history in the hospitality industry. Sachedina is a person with a strong medical background. In fact, he is a dental surgeon. Recently, Amanda Morgan-Taylor joined the organization. She is the new CEO and brings a wealth of knowledge to the healthcare organization that will help the organization achieve even greater success in the years to come.

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Professional Staff
Sussex Healthcare received numerous awards in the healthcare field because of their amazing professional staff. The staff is filled with a rare energy that is key to the success of the organization. Their inspiring philosophy on treatment is also the key to their great success too. Certainly, the members of the staff believe strongly in this philosophy too, which involves treating the whole individual. Thus, taking care of their physical needs along with providing social, recreational, and physical activities that lift the spirits of those in their charge. In addition, Sussex Healthcare provides their staff with numerous benefits that include an excellent pension, free uniforms, meals, free staff bus, vacations, training, educational programs, and more.

Specialized Care
The organization offers specialized care to elderly people that reside in their residential homes. In addition, Sussex offers customized care to adults with physical disabilities and learning disabilities. Dementia care is also a part of their services and they like to make sure that the people with dementia live a happy and productive life too. Specialized care is also offered to those with neurological issues, multiple learning disabilities, and much more. Sussex Healthcare is an organization that continually strives to meet the needs of those in their care.


Mark Mofid a doctor and an inventor, is a plastic surgeon from areas of La Jolla and San Diego. He attended the University of Havard and graduated with a B.Sc in Medicine and later advanced his studies to obtain a Medical degree at the University of John Hopkins. Dr. Mofid is board-certified by ABFPRS and ABPS who practices in his health center and various hospitals such as Scripps Memorial Hospital, Palomar Medical Center and Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center in San Diego. Not only does he practice medicine but also lectures plastic surgery at California University based in San Diego.

Despite the industry getting negative features from all corners, Mark Mofid through his intensive research is finally saving the industry and improve things in that sector. The plastic surgeon is an inventor and has made an excellent reputation for himself by ensuring that medical safety of his patients come first. Practicing good work has made different people to be assured of their safety when Dr. Mofid is conducting surgery on them.

As soon as he began working in the industry, he saw that the industry had sufficient potential to do better instead of the past practices. In the previous years, the sector (gluteal augmentation) has faced a variety of serious issues. The biggest of them being the implants were not incompatible with the muscle structure of the human body and were bound to sag. After working and tirelessly researching for over eight years on developing these particular sorts of surgeries, Mark Mofid has been able to come up with a more exceptional design of the gluteal implant. This new gluteal implant has enhanced proportions, absolute intramuscular positioning, and looks better than the previous obsolete alternatives.

With innovators such as Mark Mofid in the gluteal augmentation industry, it is certain that the industry will progressively advance. Dr. Mofid has also been working closely with Dr. Gonzalez, a professional and skilled surgeon from Brazil. He saw he can learn a number of things from the sector in Brazil and how they operate. Mark Mofid is also an author and has published breast and facial surgery books for the industry. He also conducts public speaking in various medical conferences.

Rocketship Education: A Nonprofit Charter School, Bridging Achievement Gap

Rocketship Education is a national and nonprofit public elementary charter school that serves low-income communities who have limited access to better schools. It was founded in 2006 and is a nonprofit corporation under 501 (c) (3) with the mission of eradicating the achievement gap through building a sustainable school model and one that is scalable to encourage students to performing well in the underprivileged communities in the country. It has an instructional level that is teacher-led, supported by new technology to personalize learning approach that matches each of the students. It also avails the correct content at the appropriate time and makes use of right insertion methods. Rocketship Education has a strong network of parents and their students which builds a healthy school community and that way, the parents become strong advocates for the community and their children. The corporation is working along with community organizations, parent, district, charter schools to ensure that the achievement gap is eliminated in the country.

The founding principal of Rocketship Education, James Robinson, shared on some of the sensitive matters toward understanding growth scores by the parent. He says that to achieve the gap closing growth requires effective teaching which is as a result of regular measure and monitoring of the students. James encourages parents to monitor and track the growth in scores from their children on the assessment tool, MAP, regardless of their failures. James also urges the parents to take a close look at where their children are headed and not about where they currently are. This would enable them to have long-term success. James shared on the potential that the children at Rocketship Education have despite the economic challenges that they face in the community. He urges people and the advocates to pay attention to growth in a close manner where he says that for below the grade students, it can be possible to track great success if they are monitored well. From the national data, most students that are raised under poor conditions and surroundings, it becomes difficult for them to catch up with school education but the school is committed to bridging that gap.