Securus Technology Heightens Public and Correctional Facilities Safety with Drone Detection

Securus Technologies, the American software solutions company, has released a new technology. The technology will detect and prevent drones from reaching and delivering contraband to prisoners.

The new technology, which is in its trial stage, has been developed after it emerged that prisoners are getting illegal items such as phones, drugs, pornographic materials and weapons brought to them using drones.

Securus Technologies provides technology that enhances safety in correctional facilities. The technology also seeks to keep prison workers, their families, and the public safe by minimizing the possibility of prisoners targeting them for attacks.

When prisoners sneak in contraband such as phones into correctional facilities, they use them to organize crimes. Some of the people they target are strict correctional facility staffs and their families.

They also target witnesses, members of rival gangs and people they have previously attacked. They target them so that they do not identify them to the police.

Contraband materials such as guns, pornography, and drugs delivered to prisons can harm other prisoners or initiate them into habits they were not involved in before.

In 2015, a drone delivered a parcel containing marijuana, tobacco, and heroin to a prisoner in an Ohio correction facility. Reports indicate that a drone was used to supply tools for the attempted prison break in a South Carolina prison in July 2017.

More attempts have been detected in other prisons across America. This is an indication that criminals are willing to go to any length, including using the latest technology, to execute their plans.

The new technology by Securus Technologies is an improvement to the wireless containment technology, which detects and bars unauthorized calls within prison facilities.

Records on the technology are real time, and they are useful in preventing and solving crimes. They provide incriminating evidence linking crimes to specific people.

Securus Technologies facilitates legal communication to prisoners using its video visitation mobile app. Inmates can also make a free call to authorized people using the Securus Correctional Billing Services.

On this platform, the person receiving the call pays for the call. Alternatively, an inmate can have an account paid for by family and friends to pay for any authorized calls made through Securus Technologies platforms.

It has taken Securus Technologies over eighteen months to develop the drone detection technology. Within this time, they have consulted widely with technology experts to identify the engineering elements that will help to develop, install and operate the technology successfully.


Preventing Dangerous Crimes with Securus Technologies Help

As part of a crime scene investigative team, my goal is to get hose off the streets that could cause our residents the most harm. We were hunting a gang leader who escaped the courthouse and has been on the run ever since. This suspect will use excessive violence if needed, especially if he thinks someone is going to compromise his freedom.


My superior offered me a new resource to help in the investigation that came from the most unlikely of sources. Securus Technologies recently installed an inmate call system at the local prison, and this was going to become instrumental in my investigation. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says all 1,000 of his Dallas-based employees live by one motto, making the world just a little bit safer for us all. We had big plans on seeing if that was the case.


Me and my fellow officers were quickly brought up to speed on the LBS software by Securus Technologies team members, and we decided to run the software to see if it picked up on any chatter in the jail between inmates and their friends while on the phone. The jail has a big gang population, and some people just can not keep quiet because they have to brag about what crimes they have done. One inmate was talking openly about assisting this suspect before he was arrested, and it pointed us in a completely new direction.


As soon as we left the jail, we headed to the location the inmate revealed in his conversations, and we discovered the suspect was there waiting for his crew to take him over the border. Had it not been for the help of the Securus Technologies, that dangerous suspect could be on the loose hurting other innocent victims this year.


Bringing The Holidays To Prisoners – Securus Technologies

With the holidays nearing, many inmates in correction facilities feel lonely and sad. They wish they could spend some time with their families during the holiday season, but they know they cannot. Knowing this is the case, the company, Securus Technologies decided to create s a way for the prisoners to enjoy the holiday with their families in a special way. They created the Christmas video visits.

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The Christmas video visits allow the inmates time with their family where they can see each other on Christmas. They can take part in the mealtime, and they are able to watch and hear them as they open up their presents for the big day. The Christmas video visits made the environment a much more positive one. Many of the inmates felt a lot better when they are able to communicate with their families in this manner, and the atmosphere in the facility was jovial.

Securus Technologies is always looking for more and more ways to make the world a safer place for everyone. They created the Christmas video visits for the correction facilities to much success. This company is in demand all over the country, and is known for their expertise all over the world. When the government needs them at one of their facilities, they do their mission as contracted. Securus Technologies deals with over a million prisoners all the time. They are always in contact with them so they know the problems that can occur inside the facilities. The company is respected for what it can do, and they receive praise and recognition for a job well done. On a weekly basis, they are always coming up with new technologies to deal with the civil and criminal sectors of justice in an effort to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Looking to the future with great ambition and strength, this company will continue to do good things.