Your Own Body Has ‘Stem Cells’ That Can Provide Relief For Chronic Lung Problems

The Lung Institute, with five locations in the United States, (Website: offers two types of stem cell therapy; one type uses ‘Venous Stem Cells’ and the second type uses ‘Bone Marrow Stem Cells.’

However, let’s take a quick look at the first question than most people immediately ask themselves; “where do these stem cells come from?”

First, you need to know that there are stem cells that are readily available in an adult human body.

Second, all stem cell treatment procedures performed at the Lung Institute make use of stem cells that are withdrawn from each individual’s own human body. The stem cells for these procedures are simply withdrawn from the patient’s own body and, more importantly for you to understand; no outside source of any kind, and this includes fetal tissue, is used to obtain stem cells for the procedures performed at the Lung Institute.

Bone Marrow Treatment

The stem cells in this procedure are collected by withdrawing a small amount of fluid from inside the bone marrow. The stem cells are then separated from the bone marrow fluid and reintroduced back into the body intravenously. (Reference:

As simple as this may seem; this is basically the entire process and is performed on an outpatient basis, explains the Baylor College of Medicine.

Venous Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells are also naturally present in the blood stream of the human body. Just as done with the treatment using fluid obtained from within the bone marrow; the stem cells are separated from the blood tissue collected and then turned to the patient’s body. (Reference:

The ‘Pulmonary Trap’ Can Work To Your Advantage

While the principles of how stem cells know ‘Where to go’ and ‘What to do’ are beyond the scope of this article; there is a significant and natural occurrence regarding the lungs that is known as the ‘Pulmonary Trap.’

When the stem cells are put back into the human body through a vein in the forearm ; it only takes a few seconds for them to reach the heart and then they are sent directly to the lungs. Once in; there is a naturally tendency for the stem cells to become ‘Trapped’ in the lungs. This ‘Pulmonary Trap’ is not fully understood but it is great news for those with any type of chronic lung issue.

Once your stem cells settle into the lung tissue they begin to develop into cells with the same capability and function of damaged lung tissue. With their ability to multiply there is a large amount of evidence some of which is scientific but, what is much more interesting, there is a large percentage of patients who report they experience relief from their lung condition that is just to significant for the scientific community to ignore. (Reference:

The Lung Institute is widely accepted as a leader in using stem cells from the patient’s own body to create a significant improvement in the quality of life for those people experiencing a decline in the ability of their lungs to function properly including most forms of lung cancer.

Learn more about stem cell procedure on the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel.

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