Betsy DeVos and the Role of Education and Government

The role of the government in education within the United States is a topic that has been brought up and argued upon for literally decades. There are those on one side of the spectrum that believe that the government should mandate every part of education. On the other side of the argument there are people like Milton Friedman and Betsy DeVos. DeVos, like Friedman, questions the need for government compliance regarding education. In fact, as I believe, Betsy DeVos believes in school choice. School choice is a growing buzz word around the political realm and it is something that you are going to continue to see more of in the near future.


It all really started with a treatise written by a man named Milton Friedman. Friedman wrote something called, “The Role of Government in Education”. His posit, initially, was to take a closer look at just how important and necessary it was for the government to get involved in education. This was written half of a century ago and at the time of its writing was considered to be wildly controversial and pretty hard to even bring up in mainstream politics. Betsy DeVos has been championing the role of school choice for decades now and as one of the pioneers she has played a huge part in making it more commonplace and accepted. DeVos started in the early ’90s by championing a pair of charities: Children First America as well as American Education Reform Council. These two charities helped to bring the possibility of school choice to the masses.


Since DeVos’ early work with education she has seen a true rise in just how prevalent school choice has become. At the time of this writing 17 states plus the District of Colombia are participating in privately funded, school choice programs. Inside of those programs there are nearly 250,000 kids happily learning and progressing through academia. School choice isn’t anti-intellectualism and it certainly isn’t anti-child. It’s just another way for children to find their path to higher education.


Betsy DeVos has been a huge player in the aspect of bringing school choice to the masses. She’s been involved with the RNC for years now in Michigan. She’s also been a part of running a political action committee called the Great Lakes Education Program. Her work with this PAC was instrumental in bringing Michigan to the table of the school choice system. DeVos says of her work with the PAC, “We really need to do this nationally.”


Nowadays Betsy DeVos has seen her star rise a substantial amount. As the Secretary of Education under President Trump she has more power than ever. She will be in charge of bringing school choice to the masses if it were to happen.


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