Doe Deere Living Fantastical Dream With Lime Crime Cosmetics Empire

It might sound corny, but sometimes all it takes is having a dream and recognizing the gifts you’ve been blessed with and believing in yourself.


That’s exactly how Doe Deere accomplished her goals, and she’s not done dreaming yet. The lovely young woman with the lavender hair spoke with GuestOfAGuest recently and discussed what it was like building her uber successful cosmetics company Lime Crime.


The Russian born entrepreneur moved to New York City at 17 and fit in quite nicely with the super busy Big Apple. Doe Deere began sewing her own fashions for a small Ebay business, and she joined a band where she met her adoring husband. She was a very creative woman, something her family noticed when she was a child. Doe Deere loved being surrounded by vivid colors, whether it was clothing, hair or makeup, and her imagination ran wild. Life was full of the impossible, maybe even in the reality of the unicorn.


Although NYC is a huge metropolis, Doe Deere had a tough time hunting down boldly colored makeup, and that’s when the idea struck. She had found a tiny niche and went for it. Doe Deere challenged the cosmetics giants who ruled the industry. For years, big players like Revlon and L’Oreal told women what was acceptable makeup and shades they were “allowed” to put on.


Doe Deere’s Lime Crime company has leveled the playing field, because her makeup stands on its own. Lime Crime features crazy stunning color palettes that women and men, too, can have fun applying. There’s plenty of glitter, iridescence, eye shadows and lipsticks that go way beyond the normal color spectrum, and Doe Deere’s global fan base is obsessed.


E-commerce is a big deal these days, and Doe Deere understands the business and how building a brand online is trendy, not going away soon and profitable when done right. Lime Crime’s Instagram page counts more than 2.8 million obsessed followers at the moment, featuring one of the most colorful and striking social media pages around. Fans love uploading selfies to Lime Crime as they appear adorned in this strikingly beautiful makeup.


Lime Crime can be purchased here at LimeCrime, and it’s a must-see shopping website. Gorgeous lipstick shades from her Velvetine’s line are like no other on the planet. Imagine lips that looked like they were dipped in 14K gold (Metalllic Zenon).


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