George Street Photo and Video NYC- The Incredible Wedding Experience

George Street Photo and Video is a photography company founded by three friends, TIM Muller, Michael McMahon and Dan Creviston, inside a basement on George Street over a decade ago. Their studio is in the Heart of New York. Currently, the company has expanded to nearly forty different towns.

George Street Photo and Video NYC is committed to quality and philosophy of service. The company has since shared inspiration with many brides and has assisted them in capturing their vision as they dream it.

The three co-founders realized that they needed a team comprised of individuals excited in performing different wedding-capturing processes. As a result, they hired brilliant artists to shoot weddings, digital artisans to edit wedding footage, wedding consultants, and coordinators that were obsessed with systems. For this reason, the company has become the ideal one in delivering beautiful wedding photos and videos since all the employees are gifted and passionate about what they do.

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