Lime Crime Founder: Doe Deere Daily’s Schedule

Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics based in Sephora, in the Middle East. Interesting to note, she was raised in New York City but was born in Russia. Doe Deere sleeps for 9 hours as she believes that quality rest is the secret to a clear skin and wakes up at 8:30 am. She lives in Los Angeles and her day starts by drinking a glassful of water. She then stretches as this makes her feel free and nice after which she makes breakfast, grit being her favorite. She likes fresh orange juice, yogurt, and fresh fruits as well.


She’s fond of her phone’s calendar, and it’s the first thing she checks once she’s awake. An internal company chat keeps her in touch with the team and it keeps her updated before she’s off to the office. Her Instagram is always open, and she checks and responds to e-mails all day.


She listens to her favorite music, The Beatles, while doing her makeup. Her makeup session kicks off with a moisturizer. Application of foundation starts after which it is accompanied with powder. Doe hopes that she will soon introduce her foundation in the market. She concentrates on lipstick and blush as she believes that her face is brought to life by color. Her favorite blush and lipstick colors are red and pink. She loves doing makeup as it gives her time to spend with herself and sets her free as well. Doe spends fifteen minutes to an hour doing the makeup depending on the day’s agenda.


Doe prefers late evening showers as it allows her hair to be ready and dry by morning. A curling wand is what she uses to create shiny waves signature. She wears her hair down for her purple color to be shown off. She spends time with her two cats in the morning which she says are impossible to ignore and adorable.


Around noon, Doe gets to her office where she socializes with her team, has lunch, and then has meetings all day. She tries to be through by 6 pm if she’s not on a roll. If it is the case, she stays until midnight if it’s necessary.


About Lime Crime


Lime Crime is a makeup company whose mission is revolutionizing makeup from the moment you shop for it to the feeling it gives you. It is a digital and native beauty brand which leads into the digital social space. Its high-quality products flood the internet, and this has resulted in most people seeking the products.


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