Betsy DeVos and the Role of Education and Government

The role of the government in education within the United States is a topic that has been brought up and argued upon for literally decades. There are those on one side of the spectrum that believe that the government should mandate every part of education. On the other side of the argument there are people like Milton Friedman and Betsy DeVos. DeVos, like Friedman, questions the need for government compliance regarding education. In fact, as I believe, Betsy DeVos believes in school choice. School choice is a growing buzz word around the political realm and it is something that you are going to continue to see more of in the near future.


It all really started with a treatise written by a man named Milton Friedman. Friedman wrote something called, “The Role of Government in Education”. His posit, initially, was to take a closer look at just how important and necessary it was for the government to get involved in education. This was written half of a century ago and at the time of its writing was considered to be wildly controversial and pretty hard to even bring up in mainstream politics. Betsy DeVos has been championing the role of school choice for decades now and as one of the pioneers she has played a huge part in making it more commonplace and accepted. DeVos started in the early ’90s by championing a pair of charities: Children First America as well as American Education Reform Council. These two charities helped to bring the possibility of school choice to the masses.


Since DeVos’ early work with education she has seen a true rise in just how prevalent school choice has become. At the time of this writing 17 states plus the District of Colombia are participating in privately funded, school choice programs. Inside of those programs there are nearly 250,000 kids happily learning and progressing through academia. School choice isn’t anti-intellectualism and it certainly isn’t anti-child. It’s just another way for children to find their path to higher education.


Betsy DeVos has been a huge player in the aspect of bringing school choice to the masses. She’s been involved with the RNC for years now in Michigan. She’s also been a part of running a political action committee called the Great Lakes Education Program. Her work with this PAC was instrumental in bringing Michigan to the table of the school choice system. DeVos says of her work with the PAC, “We really need to do this nationally.”


Nowadays Betsy DeVos has seen her star rise a substantial amount. As the Secretary of Education under President Trump she has more power than ever. She will be in charge of bringing school choice to the masses if it were to happen.


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Why The Madison Street Capital Reputation is Excellent

*******UPDATE August 31st*******


Madison Street Capital; a Leader in the Investment Banking Sector

In the modern world, the banking and investment sector has been experiencing tremendous changes, all in the name of meeting the customer’s needs. Hence, due to the high number of players in the industry, each bank is forced to provide unique services to remain relevant and competent in the harsh environment. Madison Street Capital is among the few banks in the industry that have continued to offer their much-needed services to the customers.


Today, Madison stands out at a stable position due to their focus and efforts towards their important duty. Over the years they have been operational, Madison Street Capital has been able to build a reputation that surpasses that of many banks in the globe. Since establishment, Madison Street Capital reputation has remained truthful to their primary objective which is attending the needs of the middle market. With years of excellence, Madison Street Capital has been acknowledged as an expert in the banking sector and a reliable option for every needy individual.


Professionals say that a business location plays a significant role when it comes to determining its market outreach. However, Madison’s scenario conflicts that of the ordinary. The firm is based in Chicago, but that does not hinder them from becoming the international investment banking firm that we know of today.


In the business sector, experience is one of the major or in other words a basic requirement for those seeking success, and Madison takes pride of holding it all. The investment firm has a team of talented and qualified staff who carry the firm’s duties with much ease. With time, Madison has built an extensive reputation that speaks boldly on their behalf. Over and over again, Madison has managed to match buyers and sellers in the market. Also, it has been involved in the designing of exit strategies as well as coming up with complex contracts. Currently, Madison has been attracting the attention of notable firms in the industry such as Bond Medical Group, and Fiber Science among many others that come seeking its services.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison is a renowned international firm that handles the investment banking form of business. Over time, Madison has been leading hundreds of individuals both in the public and private sector towards achieving their dreams. Through experience, Madison understands the corporate finance well hence standing a better chance of responding quickly to opportunities.


Today, Madison Street Capital has its offices in North America, Africa as well as Asia. With the diversity, the firm has remained well positioned to understand the local businesses emphasis and networks. Currently, Madison Street Capital is a leading provider of financial advisory services, and valuations due to their ability to handle each client’s unique situation


Madison Street Capital reputation and history of reliability, and excellence in the investment industry of banking have helped the company lead in providing financial services to the middle market.


The firm was founded in 2005 and is committed to leadership, service, integrity, excellence and in delivering financial advisory of corporate services to privately and publicly held businesses. Corporate finance time sensitivity is understood, and the company can respond tenaciously and quickly to opportunities.


Madison Street Capital has headquarters in Illinois, Chicago. The middle market investment banking firm has offices in Asia, North America, and Africa.


The firm creates transactions for corporate finance where both investors and business owners benefit. Clients are provided with the optimal solutions to even the most financing situations that are challenging. Madison Street Capital have the experience, relationship, and knowledge to match sellers and buyer, and match the appropriate capitalization and financing structure to the unique situation of the client.


To identify the right advisor services for corporate financial that fits is a challenge for many middle market business owners. There are many Investment banking firms for middle market operating today, but before the actual work begins, the search for a reliable advisor in middle market business owners can be overwhelmed.


The firm understands that every client demands precise recommendation and careful analysis and is unique. It assists clients by understanding value of the company and strives to provide its clients with the best mergers and acquisitions advisory services. It provides an accurate picture of the company’s future opportunities and current state.


Disasters are affecting many states and devastating the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and Midwest. The United Ways of the South and Midwest Disaster Fund provides emergency assistance, such as help with shelter, food, and support for long-term recovery efforts in financial stability, health, and education to rebuild the lives devastated by these disasters.


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Roberto Santiago Walled the Path Called Hard Work to Afford the Biggest Mall

Roberto Santiago a Brazilian Businessman, who has had lofty success in the mall industry. He is 58 years old and his success makes him the envy of many people. Naturally, Roberto Santiago was a script writer, who never dreamt of owning malls. After a career in writing children literature, he developed an interest in producing and directing films. He also has an interest in bowling and motocross. Moreover, Roberto had a passion for writing blogs that targeted young and old audiences. In most of his blogs, Roberto Santiago’s addressed life, success, and the challenges one faces as they try to progress. These were based on the materials he read as well as his personal experiences.

After a successful blog post, Roberto gained some investment skills and later decided to join Pio X-Marist College and later the University Center in Joao Pessoa, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Roberto was very ambitious while he was in college but he lacked a large amount of money to buy a piece of land for building a large business. Therefore, he started with a small cafeteria called café Santa Rosa. He then used his savings to begin his cartonnage company which he terms as the foundation of his success and career. The company mainly dealt with decorative and utilitarian products; it also, manufactured cardboard. The success of the venture helped him to save money with which he bought a huge piece of land to build Manaira Shopping Mall. Santiago’s dream was to get a building that would provide every product under one roof.

Roberto owns the Manaira Shopping Mall, which is the largest and most modern mall in Brazil. The mall offers services to people of Joao Pessoa as well as the entire Brazil. Manaira Mall has a mission of offering its customers comfort, leisure, and fun. It also has a state of the art cinema that is fitted with modern technology. Manaira Shopping Mall also has a stadium concept and 3D rooms that thrill the customers who visit the center. The Roberto Santiago mall also offers the visitors fancy food parlors as well as shopping boutiques. There is also a large concert hall that holds an audience of 14, 000 people: 4000 seated and 10000 standing. The success of the mall has contributed largely to make Roberto among the most successful business owners in Brazil.

Roberto has also been recognized on various occasions for his expertise and championship in kart and motor cross rallies. He admits that he is deeply passionate about sports since he was a child. Roberto’s success is mostly attributed to his hard work commitment and passion. He asks all aspiring entrepreneurs to employ these attributes and go out and try business.


Logan Stout Recommends A Healthy Living Through IDLife

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of ID Life. He was born in Richardson, Texas. During his early school-going years, Logan developed an interest in baseball and sports. He ended up serving in the Student’s Athletic Council while he was in high school. Logan Stout was to become one of the most successful baseball players and appearing in more than 17 World Series.

Education and Awards
Logan attended the University of Dallas from which he received a degree in Psychology. Before this, he had received his first Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Panola. Stout won many awards, both as a student and coach at the Dallas Baptist University and as a player at the Fort Worth Cats baseball.

Logan established the Dallas Patriots, which by worldly standards is the biggest baseball organization in the entire world. The Organization has been able to reach and train more aspiring players with privatized classes, baseball camping, and baseball clinics. It has become a center for training and coaching young potential baseball players by:
• Training
• Coaching; and
• Skills and Self-confidence building

Books Written
Logan has written the book The Secrets to Building Yourself, meant for youngsters who would like to acquire the knowledge in entrepreneurship and athletics and learn other winning potentials in life. He is an eloquent speaker and has appeared in many fora to share his enthusiasm and spirit through motivational talks and goal setting seminars. Logan Stout has been able to mentor and coach many successful teams across the country.

About ID Life
ID Life is a wellness, fitness and health company offering professional teaching and training on proper nutrition, sporting and pharmaceutical prescribed vitamins, and vitamin dietary. ID stands for Individual Designed. Their packages are designed for individual tastes and preferences, as well as the doctor’s prescriptions. It has a revenue turnover of up to $23 billion.

IDLife Networking Model
ID Life engages its market through networking, where the manufacturers distribute the products directly to the consumer. It recommends products to the consumer. In 2011 alone, ID Life achieved 11 billion in sales in the entire world, with the profit margins increasing in 2012 by 5.9 %.

Come on, Betsy! Surprise us once more!

U.S. Secretary of Education and Reform, Betsy DeVos, is none other than a living sensation and inspiration to all that is possible, in this life, for those who commit to making a solid, lasting change – especially in regards to the intricate world of politics and its influence on today’s education system. Besty’s been there and done that, championing a change on many aspects of the playing field, in hopes to further increase the quality of education that’s offered to every student from kindergarten to university adult and graduate programs altogether. As Secretary of Defense, she cannot keep her mouth shut on the importance of a good education, nor can she ever keep her values and core principles neatly tucked away in a closet or under a bed, and this is what several other political leaders and even candidates love about the woman: She is firm when she needs to be firm, but she can also be as loving and gentle as a dove; she is truly a woman who leads with her heart and her head in unified balance.

Betsy has financially assisted countless organizations and Republican, conservative players and forerunners in the past. She plans to further beat her recent charitable giving amount of $139 million; in her’s and her husband’s total lifetimes so far, they have both given this amount. She plans to give a whole lot more in the next 20 years, so stay tuned.Her husband is Dick DeVos, who was previously the head of NBA Orlando Magic Division. He also worked for the renowned Amway Group. Dick is no less an avid supporter of firm conservative values upon American society, likewise believing that it all begins in the family structure – especially the educational realm.

In 1989, Betsy and Dick took to the skies and started a fund like no other – The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation is entirely motivated on faith and holds that all giving should come from the heart; God gives a person many good things in this lifetime, and it then becomes that person’s responsibility to give much to others out of the abundance of his life and heart. That’s what the funds core values are all about; they have not changed in nearly 30 years of success. The foundation has proudly given more than $11 million dollars in 2015 alone, a record worthy note; it hopes to only increase in power and number in the next couple of years.Private Christian school initiatives alone have been beyond blessed to have the DeVoses on their side. This couple has given nearly $10 million dollars to different schools of this nature. They plan to give far more.

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Lime Crime Founder: Doe Deere Daily’s Schedule

Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics based in Sephora, in the Middle East. Interesting to note, she was raised in New York City but was born in Russia. Doe Deere sleeps for 9 hours as she believes that quality rest is the secret to a clear skin and wakes up at 8:30 am. She lives in Los Angeles and her day starts by drinking a glassful of water. She then stretches as this makes her feel free and nice after which she makes breakfast, grit being her favorite. She likes fresh orange juice, yogurt, and fresh fruits as well.


She’s fond of her phone’s calendar, and it’s the first thing she checks once she’s awake. An internal company chat keeps her in touch with the team and it keeps her updated before she’s off to the office. Her Instagram is always open, and she checks and responds to e-mails all day.


She listens to her favorite music, The Beatles, while doing her makeup. Her makeup session kicks off with a moisturizer. Application of foundation starts after which it is accompanied with powder. Doe hopes that she will soon introduce her foundation in the market. She concentrates on lipstick and blush as she believes that her face is brought to life by color. Her favorite blush and lipstick colors are red and pink. She loves doing makeup as it gives her time to spend with herself and sets her free as well. Doe spends fifteen minutes to an hour doing the makeup depending on the day’s agenda.


Doe prefers late evening showers as it allows her hair to be ready and dry by morning. A curling wand is what she uses to create shiny waves signature. She wears her hair down for her purple color to be shown off. She spends time with her two cats in the morning which she says are impossible to ignore and adorable.


Around noon, Doe gets to her office where she socializes with her team, has lunch, and then has meetings all day. She tries to be through by 6 pm if she’s not on a roll. If it is the case, she stays until midnight if it’s necessary.


About Lime Crime


Lime Crime is a makeup company whose mission is revolutionizing makeup from the moment you shop for it to the feeling it gives you. It is a digital and native beauty brand which leads into the digital social space. Its high-quality products flood the internet, and this has resulted in most people seeking the products.


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Success Academy’s girls are empowered to be successful in their lives

Success Academy, the New York-based charter school network, believes in its girls. To such an extent, teachers in various Success Academy schools have begun programs targeted at girls to make sure they are able to achieve the success they deserve.


One of these programs is a group targeting female students that teachers at the Success Academy Crown Heights began a few years ago. At the time, the girls involved in the group were in second grade. They have now graduated and moved on to high school, but the group is still on-going with a group of 40 Crown Heights girls currently attending each week.


These girl groups are small, so each girl has the chance to participate and speak, and most meet over lunch.


The students eat in a classroom with at least one teacher, and talk about their day. After lunch, they continue the conversation by talking about issues that are important to them and to their education.


These issues can be anything from how girls are portrayed in the media, to how they are perceived depending on how they dress, and the rightness or wrongness of all of it.


Success Academy teachers involved in the program say, since it was begun, they have seen a huge difference in the self confidence level of all the students. Before joining the group, the girls tend to be quiet and shy. After a few months in the group, they are talkative and self-confident and willing to express their opinions.


Success Academy has always believed girls have as much right to succeed as boys, so how they are taught also feeds into that belief.


Success Academy students are all taught to learn with minimal teacher instruction and with more hands-on project-based work. What this has done is allow them to develop critical thinking, to think outside the box and to be able to solve problems themselves.


When they are then expected to perform well on standardized tests, these girls do, as their brains are already used to figuring out answers correctly.


Groups like the Success Academy Crown Heights girl group just adds another level to their education. A level that is teaching them even more self-confidence and self-respect.

Mission Possible

College Admissions: What Every High School Scholar — and Parent — Should Know

Cotemar: An Oil Industry Giant

Cotemar was established in 1979 to provide services in the energy industry, especially the oil and gas sectors. The company has done various assignments for Petroleos, an affiliate company under which Cotemar operates. Since its establishment, it has grown over the years by continually improving its technologies, diversifying its services, acquiring new more specialized vessels for the various services the company offers. The firm continues to boost its workforce with suitable workers to work for them.


The company has gone ahead to win high-end contracts that have led to its thriving and increased market base. This is further contributed to the company values which include transparency, reliability, creating new ideas, teamwork, and companionship, positive attitude, consistency, flexibility, and honesty.


One of the services offered by Cotemar is accommodation and catering which take place within the rigs and boats/ships that are owned by Cotemar. Those willing to consume Cotemar’s accommodation and catering services are guaranteed of quality service provision and value for their money. The operations are carried out under strict inspections that are sought to ensure quality service provision. Services to offer include dining, laundry, and strict housekeeping. A well-equipped workout place, TV room, and basketball grounds are also offered to the guests.


Building projects, repairing, and upgrading rigs are also services provided by Cotemar. To this effect, Cotemar has invested in rigs that can almost submerge. The rig is designed in a way that it can move from one work site to another and it can carry heavy crane derricks that assist in building storage areas on the rigs. Employees working on the rigs are highly skilled in offering the best designs in the oil industry. Some rigs are equipped with technologies which allow them to collect data and ensure quality planning and delivery. The company has put all this together to achieve their main goal which is to build quality structures at a low cost.


Cotemar also provides personalized vessels that are used to move large structures, transport oil that has been mined, firefight, & control oils spills. These vessels are remotely controlled by computers through GPS interlinks to ensure that they remain rooted in a single position so they can function effectively. The vessels support diving operations required for deep sea inspections and maintaining of oil lines. The storage yard of the vessels contains refrigeration facilities that store foodstuffs and other things that are used to provide refreshments to the fleet operating from them.


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Preventing Dangerous Crimes with Securus Technologies Help

As part of a crime scene investigative team, my goal is to get hose off the streets that could cause our residents the most harm. We were hunting a gang leader who escaped the courthouse and has been on the run ever since. This suspect will use excessive violence if needed, especially if he thinks someone is going to compromise his freedom.


My superior offered me a new resource to help in the investigation that came from the most unlikely of sources. Securus Technologies recently installed an inmate call system at the local prison, and this was going to become instrumental in my investigation. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says all 1,000 of his Dallas-based employees live by one motto, making the world just a little bit safer for us all. We had big plans on seeing if that was the case.


Me and my fellow officers were quickly brought up to speed on the LBS software by Securus Technologies team members, and we decided to run the software to see if it picked up on any chatter in the jail between inmates and their friends while on the phone. The jail has a big gang population, and some people just can not keep quiet because they have to brag about what crimes they have done. One inmate was talking openly about assisting this suspect before he was arrested, and it pointed us in a completely new direction.


As soon as we left the jail, we headed to the location the inmate revealed in his conversations, and we discovered the suspect was there waiting for his crew to take him over the border. Had it not been for the help of the Securus Technologies, that dangerous suspect could be on the loose hurting other innocent victims this year.


Talos Energy Helps Mexico Expand Oil Fields Into International Markets

The first foreign owned oil well in 80 years announced in Mexico. For the first time since 1938 a private company plans a well in Mexican waters. Talos Energy LLC. from Houston has partnered with Premier Oil Plc. out of London and Sierra Oil & Gas out of Mexico to drill an offshore well in Mexican waters.

Since 1938 Mexico has owned and operated the oil fields there. Recently Mexico has now allowed a foreign competitor back into the market.

The name of the well is The Zama-1. The location of the well is off the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin. The well will house anywhere from 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil. The drilling will cost $16 million dollars and take up to 90 days to complete.

Elaine Reynolds is an analyst for the London-based company Edison Investment Research Ltd. She seems hopeful that the area seems primed for a high rate of success geologically. She is also watching the progress closely as it is an important milestone for Mexico.

Talos Energy LLC operates out of Houston Texas. The company specializes in technology that makes them a leader in their industry. Talos has grown with the times and over the past 70 years drilling techniques have improved substantially. Another improvement from technology is the ability to read seismic data and use geophysical technology to explore, exploit, and produce even more effectively.

Talos Energy LLC along with Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil are the first outside companies to drill in Mexico in many years. With their top of the line technology and up to date drilling techniques Talos Energy takes the Mexican oil fields ready to make history.

With their up to date technology and deep understanding of geological structures , Talos Energy ensures the best production value. Using the data they have collected Taos Energy also remains committed at all times to the health and safety of their workers as well as the safety of the environment.

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