Cotemar: An Oil Industry Giant

Cotemar was established in 1979 to provide services in the energy industry, especially the oil and gas sectors. The company has done various assignments for Petroleos, an affiliate company under which Cotemar operates. Since its establishment, it has grown over the years by continually improving its technologies, diversifying its services, acquiring new more specialized vessels for the various services the company offers. The firm continues to boost its workforce with suitable workers to work for them.


The company has gone ahead to win high-end contracts that have led to its thriving and increased market base. This is further contributed to the company values which include transparency, reliability, creating new ideas, teamwork, and companionship, positive attitude, consistency, flexibility, and honesty.


One of the services offered by Cotemar is accommodation and catering which take place within the rigs and boats/ships that are owned by Cotemar. Those willing to consume Cotemar’s accommodation and catering services are guaranteed of quality service provision and value for their money. The operations are carried out under strict inspections that are sought to ensure quality service provision. Services to offer include dining, laundry, and strict housekeeping. A well-equipped workout place, TV room, and basketball grounds are also offered to the guests.


Building projects, repairing, and upgrading rigs are also services provided by Cotemar. To this effect, Cotemar has invested in rigs that can almost submerge. The rig is designed in a way that it can move from one work site to another and it can carry heavy crane derricks that assist in building storage areas on the rigs. Employees working on the rigs are highly skilled in offering the best designs in the oil industry. Some rigs are equipped with technologies which allow them to collect data and ensure quality planning and delivery. The company has put all this together to achieve their main goal which is to build quality structures at a low cost.


Cotemar also provides personalized vessels that are used to move large structures, transport oil that has been mined, firefight, & control oils spills. These vessels are remotely controlled by computers through GPS interlinks to ensure that they remain rooted in a single position so they can function effectively. The vessels support diving operations required for deep sea inspections and maintaining of oil lines. The storage yard of the vessels contains refrigeration facilities that store foodstuffs and other things that are used to provide refreshments to the fleet operating from them.


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Preventing Dangerous Crimes with Securus Technologies Help

As part of a crime scene investigative team, my goal is to get hose off the streets that could cause our residents the most harm. We were hunting a gang leader who escaped the courthouse and has been on the run ever since. This suspect will use excessive violence if needed, especially if he thinks someone is going to compromise his freedom.


My superior offered me a new resource to help in the investigation that came from the most unlikely of sources. Securus Technologies recently installed an inmate call system at the local prison, and this was going to become instrumental in my investigation. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says all 1,000 of his Dallas-based employees live by one motto, making the world just a little bit safer for us all. We had big plans on seeing if that was the case.


Me and my fellow officers were quickly brought up to speed on the LBS software by Securus Technologies team members, and we decided to run the software to see if it picked up on any chatter in the jail between inmates and their friends while on the phone. The jail has a big gang population, and some people just can not keep quiet because they have to brag about what crimes they have done. One inmate was talking openly about assisting this suspect before he was arrested, and it pointed us in a completely new direction.


As soon as we left the jail, we headed to the location the inmate revealed in his conversations, and we discovered the suspect was there waiting for his crew to take him over the border. Had it not been for the help of the Securus Technologies, that dangerous suspect could be on the loose hurting other innocent victims this year.


Talos Energy Helps Mexico Expand Oil Fields Into International Markets

The first foreign owned oil well in 80 years announced in Mexico. For the first time since 1938 a private company plans a well in Mexican waters. Talos Energy LLC. from Houston has partnered with Premier Oil Plc. out of London and Sierra Oil & Gas out of Mexico to drill an offshore well in Mexican waters.

Since 1938 Mexico has owned and operated the oil fields there. Recently Mexico has now allowed a foreign competitor back into the market.

The name of the well is The Zama-1. The location of the well is off the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin. The well will house anywhere from 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil. The drilling will cost $16 million dollars and take up to 90 days to complete.

Elaine Reynolds is an analyst for the London-based company Edison Investment Research Ltd. She seems hopeful that the area seems primed for a high rate of success geologically. She is also watching the progress closely as it is an important milestone for Mexico.

Talos Energy LLC operates out of Houston Texas. The company specializes in technology that makes them a leader in their industry. Talos has grown with the times and over the past 70 years drilling techniques have improved substantially. Another improvement from technology is the ability to read seismic data and use geophysical technology to explore, exploit, and produce even more effectively.

Talos Energy LLC along with Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil are the first outside companies to drill in Mexico in many years. With their top of the line technology and up to date drilling techniques Talos Energy takes the Mexican oil fields ready to make history.

With their up to date technology and deep understanding of geological structures , Talos Energy ensures the best production value. Using the data they have collected Taos Energy also remains committed at all times to the health and safety of their workers as well as the safety of the environment.

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Eco-conscious and Conservation Center Trips That Are Both Educational and Beautiful

There is an organization called Wild Ark whose sole mission is to protect the biodiversity of areas that are identified as green belts around the world. While they are researching these areas, they are also conserving wildlife.


Wild Ark was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, along with a team of people who are avid conservationist. They work together to educate people about the world wildlife and see that our planet will be protected for our future generations. They are very concerned about the perils that the wilds of the world are facing and they actively work to make a difference.


For the eco-conscious people who like to travel there are many spots to enjoy.


One of the greenest places is Disney’s Oahu property, Aulani which will give you and insight into the local culture and the fresh fish and produce, all from local sources. They have Trade Teacups and It’s a Small World which features snorkeling, native art, kayaking, and a pool where you can go to pet Stingrays.


If you wish to travel to Africa there is the Namibia Desert Rhino Camp on the 1 million acre Palmwag Reserve. You can, for fun and pictures, track the Rhinos, take nighttime nature drive and relax in a simple but sophisticated resort.


Here in the United States, Florida offers some of the best eco-friendly and conservation centered places you can find. You can swim alongside a Dolphin, or go for a walk with thousands of Butterfly’s while walking through botanical gardens and tropical forests. You could also, observe some unique animals that are protected and in their natural habitat.


If you like museums there is Crane Point Hammock in Tavernier Mel Fisher Maritime Museum in Key West, Audubon House and the Butterfly Conservatory and Nature Museum. Some of the Florida Keys Natural Attractions include Natural Key Deer Refuge in the Lower Keys, Marathon Dolphin Research Center, Historic Pigeon Key, and the Keys Natural Marine Sanctuary.


The underwater preserve which was created to protect the Florida Keys barrier reef, at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is another great educational destination for a trip.


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Bruce Bent: Redesigning the Finacial Industry

For many investors, low risk reinvesting is a the most desired form of gaining extra capital. Money market funds have recently become more popular and ideal for new investors and experts alike. Money funds are smaller in comparison to other types of investments and are generally easier to manage for beginners. For those who are unaware, a money market fund is a small form of mutual funds. When investing in money market funds, individuals purchase debt securities such as unsecured promissory notes and US Treasury Bills. These funds are regulated under the Investment Company Act of 1940.

According to Wikipedia, money funds are available in a variety of forms. Each type of money market fund generally offers a different sizeable return. One of the most common market money funds are called Prime Money Funds by professionals. This particular type of fund often refers to floating rate debt and commercial paper of corporations and the US government agencies.

Retail Money Funds are also very popular among investors. These funds constitute for over 30% of all money funds and are generally geared toward individual ownership. The policies and procedures are designed to limit shareholders to one primary person.
In America, over a trillion dollars are invested in money market funds collectively. With Prime funds topping well over 1.4 trillion dollars alone, this ideal investing style often attracts investors looking to yield a higher return without micro managing their portfolio.

Bruce Bent II is a financial investor and expert who works in the financial and retirement industry. He has vast knowledge of financial aspects including money market funds.Bruce II  is highly regarded in the financial world. He currently is the President and Chairman at Double Rock Corporation where they help banks, retail marketers and broker-dealers find qualified plans and innovative solutions.

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The Traveling Vineyard Helps You Create Your Own Business

What Is The Traveling Vineyard?
The traveling vineyard is changing just about everything about how business is done in the wine industry. Instead of relying on traditional means, they use people just like you to sell their goods. This creates an opportunity for everyday people to become their own bosses and choose exactly how much they want to work when they want to work. You can choose to make side money or you can even invest time into turning this into a full fledged business.

How Do I Get Started?
Getting started isn’t a hard thing to do. All you need to begin is to attend training sessions hosted other successful wine guides. This alone should be enough to help you get your foot in the door. After the training sessions you need to buy your starter kit in order to get the ball rolling. When you finally have things rolling you can decide exactly how much you want to make and exactly what you want to do.

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How Much Can I Earn?
The potential earn with this is amazing. If you want to earn a few hundred every month, that’s possible. If you want to earn thousands or even create a fortune that is possible as well. With the sky as the limit your work at The Traveling Vineyard is certain to give you a chance to make your life into whatever you want it to become. The opportunities are always knocking at your door.

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Jeremy Goldstein the New York Attorney.

In very many instances we need a lawyer to handle our legal issues ranging from criminal matters to child custody. Looking for an attorney could be time-consuming and at the same time draining. It is, however, good news for the residents of New York. Their struggle of finding a lawyer is over. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service both of New York State Bar Association recently launched a brand new online portal: The portal is available for individuals to search for lawyers in 24 hours a day.


The New York State Bar Association has reviewed the credentials of the attorneys. Individuals can, therefore, have confidence that the lawyers they will be matched with are persons with proper legal standings. The portal will make it possible for an attorney to offer services to a greater number of individuals at yet a lower cost.


The online process is not complicated. The person in need of an attorney only needs to go to the website and fill a questionnaire with a description of the legal issue and the individual’s location. The survey undergoes revision and the person connected with a lawyer in proximity. Referrals are free. Upon 30 minutes of consultation with the attorney, a fee of $35 is applicable.


Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney at a law firm known for its dedication to offering advice to compensation committees, Management teams and CEOs. The firm is Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate. Jeremy also sits a board member at Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Before establishing this law firm, Jeremy was a partner at Wachtell, Rosen and Lipton law firms. Jeremy Goldstein’s involvement with large corporations in the last ten years is no doubt an achievement he has had. The organizations include the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies among others. Jeremy Goldstein graduated from the New York School of Law.


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The U.S. Money Reserve Offers More on New Site

With all of the new options that the U.S. Money Reserve has on their website, they are able to help more people get the things that they deserve from the site. There are many new features that come along with the site including the ability to take a virtual tour of the U.S. Money Reserve, purchase coins for collection and even have the ability to do more with what is offered on the site.

While people are looking for more options on their U.S. Money Reserve site, they are able to see what it can do for them and what it will be able to offer them in the future.

When the U.S. Money Reserve site first became live on the Internet, it was something that people were able to enjoy. It was a great site for that time but it was not something that was going to last for a long time into the many different years that it has been on the web.

People who were looking for the site and hoping to find more information on it are now able to get more and do more with it than they were able to in the past. It was something that made it easier for them to understand what they were doing and what the site had to offer. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

With just a few pieces of information included on the old part of the site, it was hard for visitors of the site to get the information that they needed. It was also important that they tried to get the most out of the site and that they were going to be able to get the best parts from it. The U.S. Money Reserve recognized this and pushed to make sure that everyone who visited the site had a chance to see that there were many more options.

Not only was the redo of the U.S. Money Reserve site important for everyone who visits the site but it was also important for the U.S. Money Reserve. They were hurting from not having an updated site and the traffic that they had was decreasing every day that they had the terrible site.

Making a change to their website was one of the best things that the U.S. Money Reserve was able to do for their business and to make sure that people are able to get what they can from it.

Julie Zuckerberg Has A Number Of Strategies To Bring Best People Onboard

Julie Zuckerberg, the U.S. Executive Recruitment Lead of Deutsche Bank, has implemented a number of strategies to bring the best talent in the industry onboard to the bank. She understands the value of branding and thinks that people should find the firm as a great place to work. It is known that many employees changes their jobs frequently and typically in every 18-24 months. It could mean that if there is an environment of a great culture is created, most employees may continue with the firm considering the comfort level is promised. Julie is also very focused on making long-term relationships with talents as most people are interested in dealing with people they like. With decades of experience, she quickly understands the need of talents by listening to them and showing genuine interests to their career goals. She follows a number of strategies that make lasting relationships with the talents. Julie is also very keen to look for candidates from undiscovered places. It includes college/university programs, award programs, top conferences, events, etc., as these are unconventional and at the same time, can bring the best talents in the industry in an easier manner.


In her current role, Julie leads the negotiation and development of Managing Director level offer for the departments of U.S. operations. She is counseled by the leadership and executive committees in regards to hiring governance and recruitment practices to lure the best talents in the market. She is also representing heads of business as the bespoke of recruitment strategies. Other responsibilities of Julie include managing external vendor management, giving the strategic path and coaching to various recruiting teams and promoting initiatives such as diversity initiatives, cross-divisional talent brokering, and internal mobility. Julie started her career with Hudson as the Director of Candidate Placement with responsibilities of recruiting various roles such as support staff, case managers, paralegals, and attorneys in both temporary and permanent positions for financial institutions, law firms, and corporations. She also took care of communicating employee benefits, guiding them, and working as a link between management and the employees. Later, she joined Citi as VP Executive Recruiter with responsibilities include handling full-cycle recruitment of senior roles such as Director and Managing Director for various business heads. She was also consulted by the senior leadership of the firm in competitive markets, recruitment strategies, compensation trends, and available of talents. She also led the firm in developing and negotiating complex job offers with equity buyouts, deferred awards, clawbacks. She also worked with New York Life Insurance Company as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead for a brief period.


Before starting her career, Julie completed her graduation in Philosophy from Brooklyn College, New York. She also completed her Law graduation from New York Law School. Her hobbies include running, technology news, photography, fitness, and arts. She shows keen interests in human rights, animal welfare, economic issues, civil rights, science, and technology. She is active in social media, and many of her posts are showcasing her hobbies and interests. She is also spotted many times in the art festivals of the city.

George Street Photo and Video NYC- The Incredible Wedding Experience

George Street Photo and Video is a photography company founded by three friends, TIM Muller, Michael McMahon and Dan Creviston, inside a basement on George Street over a decade ago. Their studio is in the Heart of New York. Currently, the company has expanded to nearly forty different towns.

George Street Photo and Video NYC is committed to quality and philosophy of service. The company has since shared inspiration with many brides and has assisted them in capturing their vision as they dream it.

The three co-founders realized that they needed a team comprised of individuals excited in performing different wedding-capturing processes. As a result, they hired brilliant artists to shoot weddings, digital artisans to edit wedding footage, wedding consultants, and coordinators that were obsessed with systems. For this reason, the company has become the ideal one in delivering beautiful wedding photos and videos since all the employees are gifted and passionate about what they do.

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