Reviewing the Best Talent Acquisition Expert-Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a renowned executive recruiter. Zuckerberg started out her career in reputable firms such as Hudson and New York Life Insurance Company. Julie has a degree from New York’s city university and New York Law School. Julie has also studied philosophy. Her main job description is offering legal advice on contracts, developing recruitment strategies, training recruitment teams, striking offers with senior management authorities, succession planning, and interviewing. She is currently hired by Deutsche Bank in the department of human resources. Deutsche Bank originated in Germany but Julie works at a branch of the bank in New York. She has worked as executive talent acquisition lead for the bank since 2014.


Career Background


Her duties included candidate placement for paralegals, attorneys, support staff, and case managers at law firms. In late 2007, she started working in financial services at Citi. She was the vice president at Citi and also worked as a recruiter. She was also involved in employee education on services offered by Citi like Citi Cards. She later moved to work for New York Life Insurance Company in 2013 where she served as both vice-president and recruiter.


Work Skills


Julie Zuckerberg has numerous work skills including conducting interviews, human resources, strategy, conflict resolution, coaching, employee training, and leadership. She is also good at spearheading developments and negotiations that involve corporate stakeholders and material risk takers. Zuckerberg offers strategic directions and training to every recruiter team that she manages. She is renowned for her demonstration of strong leadership when it comes to hiring the best governance and practices in the industry.


Personal Accomplishments and Hobbies


Julie is involved in philanthropic activities. She is a human rights activist and is also fiercely devoted to animal rights. She speaks for those who are marginalized in the community. Julie is also a living example of career successes. She coaches and mentors new employees and her work mates as well. Apart from her philanthropic engagements, Julie is known for her love of culture and the arts. She also loves photography. She is also conscious of her body fitness and enjoys running.


Organizations are employee-oriented. As a result, productivity increases in many corporate because of employee motivation. Julie seeks to incorporate technology so as to increase human productivity and reduce manual workload. She sources for skill and talent globally to ensure that top-notch professionals are hired.

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